Best Betting Sites in UK 2021

Amongst an abundance of sports betting sites, it is difficult to find the best online bookies. Since the definition of best is different for different players, however, they are based on some common factors. These are legality, bonuses and promotions, flexibility in betting, payment modes, etc.

Here we have brought some of the best UK betting sites 2021. These are filtered crisply. Thus, making it easier for you to choose the best online betting site from our UK betting sites list to get a blithesome betting experience.

Best betting Sites UK 2021

Let’s look at the UK bookmakers list 2021 that will give you great fun altogether with gambling safety.

1. Bet365

With a complete betting package, Bet365 makes its place amongst the top betting websites in the UK. It includes top-notch signup offers, a wide range of betting markets, plenty of live sports streams, along with round the clock customer support. All these factors allure several punters towards this betting website.

2. BetFred

Several features of BetFred make it one of the most wanted bets websites in the UK. It offers excellent promotional offers along with easy cashouts and a navigable site. In addition, you can safely place your bets and enjoy its promising signup bonus with limited sports betting options.

3. Bet Victor

Bet Victor offers high odds for both horse racing as well as football. Moreover, it has a fantastic mobile app that fascinates several punters. As a result, it is one of the trusted bookmakers. Also, it provides an astounding welcome offer to its customers.

4. William Hill

William Hill is a UK-based online betting site. A punter gets complete betting stuff in one place. Players can cash in on its free live sports streaming since it offers a sportsbook, live casino, games, scratch, keno, and bingo. Moreover, new players can access its productive signup bonus also.

5. Unibet

Unibet is giving cut-throat competition to several other UK betting sites with its astounding features and services. It is ideal for both who love to bet either on sports or casino games. Players can enjoy great odds for most of the sports. In addition, live sports streams and low bet margins make their place amongst the top betting sites of the UK.

6. Paddy Power

Paddy Power is an out-and-out gambling product. It offers several betting options besides sports wagering. Live sports stream, alluring promotions and rewards, and daily enhanced odds make it enticing for plenty of players. Paddy Power has a compatible mobile app also.

7. Betway

With a wide range of sports selections, Betway has made its place among the leading betting sites. Besides, high-yielding promotions and bonus offers, high betting odds, and daily odds boost offer absolute gambling fun to its players. Besides, Betway has a user-friendly mobile app also.

New Betting Sites

With the increasing popularity of gambling and sports betting increasing each day, you will find a new British bookmakers list. Since these new bet sites need to take their place among hundreds of renowned operators, they offer several attractive promotional offers. But, you can’t use them by just looking at these offers. A player needs to check out its legality through the regulatory gambling certificates on its site. Also, it is recommended to go through their reviews before using any new betting website to ensure the best experience and safety. Also, check out the new UK betting sites with their banking options, signup offers, customer service with odds and markets.

How to Choose Between Betting Sites UK

Here are some of the factors that altogether help in choosing the best bookmakers. These are discussed in detail below:


The legitimacy of any betting site amounts to the safety and security of its players. A bookmaker holding the authorized gambling certificate is a must before using it for betting. These gambling authorities ensure a safe and secure gambling environment. UK Gambling Commission is one of the most prominent gambling authorities. They keep on checking all the activities as well as ensuring fair and unbiased results every time.

Welcome Offers at the Latest Betting Online Sites

If you are a new player or want to join new betting sites in the UK, you can claim any betting site’s welcome bonus. First, you need to set up your personal account at that site. Worth noting, signup bonuses occur with wagering requirements and maximum win limits. It means you need to meet certain criteria to withdraw your bonus winnings. Besides, a few bookmakers reward free bets initially for a period of time. These may also bear fruits.

Promo Codes & Ongoing Offers

Various bookmakers offer several fascinating promotions. These may be weekly free bets, cashback offers, loyalty rewards, and so on. These prove fertile if appropriately used. Besides, some bookmakers send promo codes to their regular customers generally via email. These promo codes either offer free bets or extra cash as well as a combination of both.

Ease of Use & Mobile Apps

Online betting has become more accessible after the introduction of mobile betting apps. Thus, you can gamble any time anywhere using these mobile apps. Besides, any user-friendly bet website makes gambling more accessible and more fun-filled without creating any stumbling block.

Betting Markets Available

Almost all the betting sites in the UK offer similar sports to bet on. However, some betting companies stand out to offer other play-down sports such as darts or rafting. Thus, if you love to play such minor games, you must go for the sites offering them.

Minimum/Maximum Stake & Payout Speed

Different sites offer various bet options. Some are either restricted to limited bets, while some offer several bets for a single sport. Check out the sites for betting that suitable offer bets to your requirements. Besides, payout speed also plays an important role. A few banking options credit your wins instantly, while some may take up to 3-5 business days.

Available Payment Methods

The major betting sites with cash outs options offer convenience to their players with their wide range of banking options. This is to offer a smooth gambling experience to its players. Since customers can find their suitable payment option easily, look for the deposit and withdrawal time. It should be less in terms of depositing and withdrawing payments faster.

Customer Support

Good support is always necessary for a good betting site. Since friendly manager always keeps up the gambling fun of their players whenever they find something difficult.

How to Sign Up at Internet Betting Sites UK

Before placing bets at any betting site, it is essential to register yourself. Since several players consider this step as chaos for them. However, it includes some simple steps that will take you to the virtual world of gambling.

● Load the betting site you want to register.

● Next, click the Join button and enter details in the popped-up form.

● Once clicking on submit, it will ask you to verify details through email and SMS.

● Complete the verification step.

Now, you are done with your signup process and can enjoy betting.

How to Place a Bet at UK Betting Sites

After signing up, deposit some amount to your account with money you are suitable with. Later, follow the below steps to place your bets.

● Navigate through the sports or game. Choose the suitable best sport to bet on.

● Select the match or game you are interested in and choose your bets.

● Set the odds on the bet. You can also set its format on various sportsbooks.

● You will find a virtual betting slip where you need to enter your bet amount.● Finally, give a stamp of approval to your bet by clicking the ‘Bet’ or ‘Confirm’ button.

How to Get the Most from your Sports Betting

Sports betting involves risk. Thereby, it is challenging to be in profit continuously. Here are some of the tips that will help you make a profit through sports betting.

● Money management is the foremost and the most important step. Set your budget. This is to avoid the loss of a large amount of money which is not affordable.

● Stake carefully and strategically.

● Check out the good opportunities attentively, and then only place your bets.

● Go through the betting site’s review before you choose the operator to bet on. This is to find the best sportsbook that suits you.

● Find the best odds possible among different online betting books to ensure more significant profit.

● Go for the promotional offers as far as they are favourable in terms of terms and conditions.

● If you are a new player, stick to small profits.

Payment Methods Available to Sports Bettors in the UK

Various payment methods are available at sports betting sites. This makes it suitable for players to choose their own mode of transaction and enjoy betting. Here are some of them.

Visa Debit Card. It is the most popular banking method since it offers easy and quick transactions. Also, most people carry Visa debit cards that make them opt for this method of transaction.

Paypal. Paypal is an acclaimed e-wallet across the world. It is a convenient option that makes transactions faster.

Skrill. Skrill is the choice of several punters across the UK. This is because it is handy and can transfer funds instantly thus, offering hassle-free gambling.

Neteller. Similar to Skrill, Neteller makes an instant transfer of your funds. Thus, this is another excellent banking option.

Paysafecard. Paysafe is a prepaid card that works independently of credit card, bank account, or personal information. 

Boku. Boku is a mobile payment processing venture that allows transactions through general mobile bills. It is also independent of credit/debit cards or any bank accounts.

Apple Pay. Apple users can enjoy instant transactions through Apple Pay. It is convenient and quick.

Bitcoin. With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies, several UK online bookmakers offer Bitcoin as a payment option on their websites. This is to offer higher accessibility to transaction methods.

The Evolution of Sports Betting Sites

Sports betting is not a new term in the UK or any other part of the world. Gambling or betting could be found in old mythologies also. However, these were not completely legal and had observed severe rules and regulations. This kept a limited group of society from enjoying betting. Later in the 1960s, the Gambling Act was passed that allowed several bookmakers to open their businesses and get into full-fledged.

Further, with the introduction of the internet and the increase in its achievements, sports betting became a part of the virtual world. Now, people can stake their bets on several sports other than horse racing also. From cricket to auto racing, you can bet on several sports.

Kahnawake Gaming Commission launched the first-ever sports betting site online named Intertops in 1996. After its success, several other bookmakers brought out their websites. With every year, virtual sports betting adds significant income to the UK’s yearly gross value. In 2020, online sports betting has increased the gross gaming yield to 2.3 Billion British pounds.    

Online Betting Made Football Betting Dominate all Other Markets

Those were the days when bookies were stuck to horse racing only. This took place in limited racecourses. Although illegal activities were also present, no one could think of betting on football or any other sports in that era. But the popularity of football could be seen all around the country. Moreover, with the introduction of The Betting and Gaming Act 1960, people got the chance to bet on their favourite sport, football. Gradually, the laws became flexible on football betting. This further increased the interest of bookies in this sport.

In the 2000s, people started switching to the virtual betting world because of its ease and convenience, and football became the biggest discipline in the UK. Now, you will find several sportsbooks with a diverse range of sports to bet on, including the soccer bet site. However, the most significant football events get the most of the sports betting sponsorships that create great revenue for them. This is due to the high commercial strength of football in the UK.

Betting Sites UK FAQs

What is the current legal status of sports betting in the UK?

Currently, online betting is legal across the UK. The certification of the UK Gambling Commission is a mark of legality and legitimacy of a bookmaker.

What are the best betting sites in 2021?

BetFred, Bet Fair, William Hills, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power, and Bet Victor are the best online betting websites in 2021.

Can I use a credit card to pay for my online betting in the UK?

Yes, various bookmakers sites include credit cards as one of their payment modes. You can choose the credit card option and fund your account with it.

How secure are payments made to an online sports betting site?

Betting sites use a 128-bit SSL connection that encrypts the data over the channel. Thus, keeping your personal data private and secure.

Can I live stream events at online betting sites?

Yes, some of the betting sites allow their players to watch the events live.

Is a ‘free bet’ genuinely ‘free’?

Free betting on a website is actually not free but it allows you to place your bets without adding your money. For instance, if you stake £10 on a team beating another by 3.0, you will receive £30 but if you stake a free bet of £10, you will receive only £20.

Can I deposit at a sports betting site using a debit card and then withdraw my winnings via Skrill?

Sports betting sites will only allow the deposit and withdrawal in the same mode. If you deposit money using a debit card, you can withdraw the money to your debit card only.

I made my first deposit at an online sportsbook via Neteller and I didn’t get my free bet. How come?

This is because Neteller on most of the online sportsbooks does not support free bets. So to enjoy your first deposit-free bets, you need to register at another online bookmaker’s site and make your deposit using a credit/debit card, PayPal, Boku, or any other allowable mode.

Which online sportsbooks have the best odds?

A list of bookmakers claims the ‘the best betting odds.’ However, there is tiny variation among the different sites. BetVictor, Bet365, Ladbrokes, and Paddy Power are some of the sportsbooks having the best odds.

Why is my online sportsbook asking for an image of my passport?

Passport is the part of KYC compliance that makes sure that the player is an adult. Also, this is to avoid multiple accounts of a player. Also, they thoroughly check the legality of users along with their address proof, identity, and funding sources using various relevant documents.